5 Top Tips for Caregivers

Caring for someone on dialysis can initially feel challenging, but like any new routine, caring for a family member or friend on dialysis can be learned and eventually feel less overwhelming. If you are a friend or a family member of someone on dialysis, here are 5 tips...

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Tips for Staying Active While on Dialysis

Being on dialysis does not mean you are confined to a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, being active while on dialysis has several benefits. Continuing to work, volunteer, and exercise can improve your overall well-being while on dialysis because it provides a sense of normalcy. While most activities are...

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Preparing for Emergencies

Natural disasters are out of our control. Residential floods or electrical outages are also out of our hands, and these kinds of catastrophes can be hard on anyone. So, what do you do when facing an emergency and you are on dialysis? As a Liberty Home Dialysis patient,...

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