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How to Know If At-Home Dialysis Is Right for You

Dialysis can be an inconvenience, especially if it is needed several times a week. However, at-home dialysis can be an option for those with even the busiest of schedules. Liberty Home Dialysis offers a few convenient options for at-home dialysis that does not interfere with your schedule. An experienced dialysis nurse will come to your home and provide your treatments. With the option to receive dialysis at home, time for family, work, and other activities increases.

Here are 5 reasons why at-home dialysis might be right for you:

1. You have limited time or mobility
If you are constantly on the run for work or for your family, at-home dialysis may be just right for you and your active schedule. At-home dialysis allows flexibility because you can receive treatments when it is most convenient for you. A Liberty Home Dialysis nurse will come to your home and provide one-on-one care that revolves around your time and specific needs.

The same benefits apply for patients who have limited mobility. With the inability to leave your home often, at-home dialysis comes to you. We still work around your schedule and provide treatments when you need them. The convenience of having a nurse come to you can give you time for other things you enjoy.

2. You are feeling overwhelmed with a kidney failure diagnosis

A kidney failure diagnosis can feel overwhelming. However, the burden is removed with at-home dialysis. When you receive treatments while in the comfort of your own home, you are more relaxed, and you avoid the process of attending a clinic every time treatment is needed. Additionally, receiving treatments at home provides some sense of relief, it can also help you manage your feelings about the diagnosis. A consistent schedule will allow time for you to process emotions and develop a routine that allow treatments to go more smoothly. At-home dialysis makes a kidney failure diagnosis more manageable.

3. You have a small space within your home to set up equipment

You don’t need much space to store your dialysis equipment. If you have a very small space within your bedroom or living area, that’s enough room for your equipment. This minimal storing space allows for the convenience of having everything you need in your home when the nurse arrives.

4. You enjoy one-on-one private care

There is nothing like having the complete attention of the person who is taking care of you. This is the kind of attention you receive with at-home dialysis. Liberty Home Dialysis will send a personal nurse to your home to administer your treatments. Your personal nurse will learn your needs, but you will also have a team who will meet with you monthly to address your treatments and concerns. The team consists of a nephrologist, dietitian, and social worker. Together, this team caters to your needs as a dialysis patient. At home, you have comfort and privacy that is not necessarily associated with dialysis centers. The possibility of comfort and privacy make at-home dialysis an option worth considering.

5. You want more control of your health and a sense of freedom

At-home dialysis allows you to take control of your health. You become the decision maker about when you receive your treatments. You have access to your care team 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so you are not confined to the hours of a clinic or have to work around other patients’ appointments. You have control. With control of your treatments, at-home dialysis provides a sense of freedom because you are not confined by frequent medical visits. Instead, your nurse comes to you when it is best for you.

If some or all of these reasons stand out to you, at-home dialysis may be the best option for you. Though there are varying degrees of kidney disease and varying treatments, at-home dialysis is an option that offers the most convenience.

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