Beginning dialysis can be a major lifestyle change, and caregiving for a loved one with kidney failure can feel overwhelming. Our compassionate care team at Liberty Home Dialysis provides personalized treatment on a schedule that works best for your loved one, so you can spend more time enjoying life. Here are some tips for loved ones and caregivers.

Stay in the know.

  • Attend educational and training events. Liberty Home Dialysis and the Dallas Renal Group offer educational events and encourages our patients and their caregivers to attend. Please visit our website to register for an event in your area.
  • Keep track of symptoms or other health issues.
  • Be present during care team visits, and ask questions.

Encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Eat healthy foods recommended by your dietitian.
  • Exercise or go on walks with your loved one.

Be prepared.

  • Have an emergency plan in place.
  • Keep important information up to date and accessible.
  • If traveling, have a plan before you leave town.
  • Take time for yourself.


I am very pleased that I chose Liberty Home Dialysis. Their commitment to patient care and their staff make me feel completely at ease knowing that I’m being looked after in a professional manner.

I am happy to say that Liberty Home Dialysis is my ‘extended family’. I would highly recommend Liberty to anyone who asks for in-home dialysis. In my opinion, they are the best and most trusted in their field.

Before I started using Liberty Home Dialysis, I couldn’t go outside and work on my garden. Now I’m able to move around so much better.

Frankly, I met the doctors, and there was not a doctor among all of them that wasn’t the most caring doctor that I had ever met in my entire life.