No. You will have a registered nurse assigned to you who will deliver treatment.

Liberty Home Dialysis will send an experienced nurse and a biomedical technician to visit your home for an assessment to check for adequate electrical outlets and water pressure. Based upon their evaluation, they will recommend the best location for your dialysis treatments. You will need adequate space, such as a small closet or cabinet, for one month of supplies.

Getting started is easy! Fill out our Contact Us form, and we’ll be in touch with you. Be ready to provide information about your diagnosis, as well as physician and insurance information. If you have not received dialysis before, you will need to have a vascular access created, which provides a way for blood to be removed from the body, circulate through the dialysis machine, and then return to the body at a rate that is higher than can be achieved through a normal vein. We work with Dallas Vascular Center, a Joint Commission Gold Seal-Approved facility.

Yes. We will work with your current doctor to communicate about your health. Liberty Home Dialysis is run by experienced nephrologists to ensure that all patients get the care they need. You will receive the same high-quality care from our team, regardless of who your kidney doctor is.

When you receive treatment is up to you, and we will develop a schedule that works best for you. Typically, dialysis is done 3 days per week. Some choose to have early morning treatments, so they can start their day when they’re finished. Some choose to have evening treatments after work. Let us know what works best for you!

Call us and let us know if you have a power outage. We have systems in place to make sure you still receive top-quality dialysis.

Many people still travel even when on dialysis. Talk to us about your travel plans, and we’ll provide suggestions on how and where to receive treatment while traveling.

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