Am I Eligible?

Be evaluated by transplant programs in the area.  Here is a list:

  1. Baylor University Medical Center-Dallas, Texas – (214) 358-2300
  2. Parkland Hospital-Dallas, Texas – (214) 590-6303
  3. Medical City Dallas Hospital – Dallas, Texas – (972) 566 – 7199
  4. UT Southwestern University Hospital – Dallas, Texas (214) – 645 – 1919
  5. Baylor All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth, Texas
  6. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital – Fort Worth, Texas (817) -250 – 2443

You’re welcome to choose anyone that you would like.  The application is a very quick form it takes no more than a few minutes to fill out.   We will provide information to the transplant programs.   General response from these transplant programs are any where from 1-2 weeks.  If it has been longer than a couple week please reach out to your Liberty Social Worker.

Paired Kidney Donation: In a paired kidney donation, patients with a non-compatible donor enroll in a registry.  A specialized computer program will search for a compatible match.  Two incompatible donor/recipient pairs (A and B) must be identified.  The donor o pair “A” must be identified to be compatible with the recipient of pair “B.”  Additionally the donor of par “B” must be identified to be compatible with the recipient of pair “A.”

An example would be if a sister wanted to give her brother a kidney but differences in blood type made it impossible. In this program, such a patient/donor pair is matched with other pairs of people in the same situation.  These pairs can “donate” kidneys so that both patients get a transplant and both donors receive kidneys.   In order to enroll in this program, the recipient must be listed through UNOS and have an eligible, non-compatible donor.  Ask your kidney transplant coordinator if you are a candidate for the paired kidney donor program.

The UNOS website as a ton of information for patients, families, and professionals:

Donate Life

Kidney School

Medical City TP

Fort Worth Methodist TP

UT Southwestern TP

Dallas Methodist TP